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The Ojai Motorcycle Club is an AMA (American Motorcycle Association) affiliated social riding club. A diverse group of friends drawn together by a common purpose towards responsible adventure, enjoyment of the outdoors and skillful motorcycling on all kinds of roads, in all kinds of circumstances. We provide free day and weekend overnight club rides on a consistent monthly basis to anyone who wants to participate in our adventure motorcycle riding, join our ranks as a full-fledged member and/or eventually even work as part of the support crew on a premium Guided Motorcycle Tour.

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Our mission is to orient more riders into this exciting ADV way of experiencing their machines. Guiding them as we travel through different landscapes, meeting fascinating people and enjoying the culture of outdoor exploration. Providing ever more Adventure Motorcycle Riding opportunities to gain confidence and improve skills in all conditions, on any kind of road.

Although we specialize in offering location-specific tours around Central California, like the all paved three-day Cowboys & Coyotes or the mixed road ADV five-day North By NorthWestannual Thailand Motorcycle Tours and trips to South Africa are also on the menu.

From Single Day Trips to 12-day long tours; paved road only, to off-road as well as mixed surface ADV style motorcycle riding styles, we can provide whatever level of challenge, comfort & adventure you and your group might prefer.

California Motorcycle Tours

Our guided motorcycle tours are fully catered and supported, including fresh organic farm-to-table food; premium beverages like craft beers and first-class wines from the best regional wineries; and chase vehicles with back-up crews to help facilitate the consistently high-quality Ojai Moto Club Experience.

Motorcycle Rentals

Ventura Motorcycle Rentals are provided at reasonable cost and available for club rides, self-guided, as well as premium guided tours. Late model options range from the reliable Suzuki V-Strom 650, through the full range of BMW GS ADV bikes, including the legendary R1200 GS, to the Honda CRF 100L Africa Twin and even some Harley Davidson street cruisers are also available from our Rental Partner MotoQuest.

The Shop at the Ojai MC also provides a growing line of ADVenture motorcycle Parts, Accessories and motorcycle Luggage that are all very durable and practical, making it clear that we are here to help our customers ride their ADV motorcycle as it was truly intended to be ridden. We serve a discerning clientele that knows how to really push the edge, demands the best in style & protection but still appreciates the value of a well-priced product.

Welcome to our website and please feel free to stay as long as you like. Browse around, check out our Video & Slideshow Gallery, join the email list and please don’t hesitate to let us know if there are any questions we can answer.

We look forward to seeing you real soon, somewhere down that road!

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Ojai to Central California & Beyond

Spectacular terrain for Adventure-Style Motorcycle riding. Less than 2 hours north of Los Angeles...

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“Our adventure ride twisted and turned through such beautiful countryside that I did not notice the progression: pavement, then broken up pavement with cracks, hard-pack gravel, and finally true dirt roads.”

Karin Burnes
Business Owner, California

“It was comfortable for me on the street and then I thoroughly enjoyed the dirt side of things. Deon was very helpful getting me acclimated to it, giving me tips and I was able to start enjoying it very quickly.”

Kevin Violette
Business Owner, North Carolina

“We went uphill once and it looked like we were right up next to God’s Throne in Heaven. Then we had to come down the other side and it was just exciting for us… something that the big Harleys aren’t so used to.”

Tree Dog
Retired, Ohio

“My favorite aspect of the trip was getting off-road into some of the back country of California that I didn’t know even existed. They took us into some really spectacular places.”

Adam Hurley
Business Owner, North Carolina

“The whole package was a unique experience, with about 8 days on the road… in addition to being a great adventure, I think it was really very therapeutic as well.”

Johann Mentz
Business Owner, South Africa

“Deon was consistent and he’s got that sort of personality where he wants to give you back more than you actually bargained for and makes sure that he’s giving more than you expect…”

David Cohen
Business Owner, Australia

Deon de Wet
Deon de Wet
President & Guide

I really do love to ride!

I also know how hard it can sometimes be to get out there and just DO IT.

This Adventure Motorcycle Touring Club was formed to help us all get past some of the TALKING ABOUT and more into the ACTUAL RIDING of our bikes. 

Our Main Objectives are to:

~ Orient more riders into this exciting (ADVenture) lifestyle and way of experiencing their machines.

~ Provide our members & clients with ever more interesting opportunities for adventure.

~ Guide them well, as we travel through many different places, meeting fascinating new people.

~ Help each participant improve his or her motorcycling skills in all conditions, on any kind of road.

~ Optimally facilitate a complete experience for all, while allowing everyone the space to enjoy the adventure in his or her own personal way.

Ojai Motorcycle Ride


Unforgettable Experiences Time After Time

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