Day Tripping In the Valleys - From Ojai to Beyond & Back

“Deon’s guiding style combines his intuitive nature with his love of adventure. The day out riding was transformational for me, both as a rider and a person...”

  • Guided one-day rides from Ojai, out and back
  • Exploring the plains, enjoying the mountains
  • All-dirt, all-paved or a mix of both kinds of roads
  • Providing the gateway to adventure
  • Includes lunch, snacks & beverages along the way

$300 per day, per group, up to 2 riders*
$350 per day, per group, for 3 riders*
$400 per day, per group, for 4 riders*

*Not including motorcycle rental

*see rental rates here

North by Northwest - Ojai to the Mountains, Desert to the Ocean

“Several days of riding overall... Deon mixed it up very well with some road travel, some travel through small towns and then a good balance of dirt and trail riding.”

5 DAYS, 4 NIGHTS Guided tour, includes lodges, guesthouses, camping and/or hotels, and all meals & drinks...
      • LAX airport pick-up
      • Limo drive north to Ojai
      • Take possession of the waiting bikes
      • Get in gear and head north on two wheels
      • Twisting through the mountains on first class pavement
      • Riding dirt through the desert
      • Roaming around the ranches
      • California cattle country
      • World famous vineyards and orchards
      • High above and beside the Pacific coastline
      • Mixing the ride... 50% paved & 50% dirt

$2,150 per rider,
excluding motorcycle rental*

*see rental rates here

Cowboys & Coyotes

“We went uphill once and it looked like we were right up next to God’s Throne in Heaven. Then we had to come down the other side and it was just exciting for us… something that the big Harleys aren’t so used to.”

Guided tour, includes B&B lodgings and/or hotels, and breakfasts & dinners

  • Easy cruising through the ranch lands of California
  • Most scenic, paved, country roads
  • Perfect for riding two-up, with your favorite pillion partner

$995 per rider
excluding motorcycle rental*

$425 additional per pillion/passenger

*see rental rates here

Taste of Thailand

Through the Highlands & Mountains of the Northwest

Guided tour, includes lodging in private guesthouses, tribal home-stays and/or top-rated hotels, and all meals, snacks & drinks

    • Fully supported, exotic adventure around the mountains of Northern Thailand
    • Excellent food
    • Fascinating lodgings
    • Intriguing encounters
    • Mixture of perfectly paved, gravel and dirt roads

approx. $4,950 per rider
including motorcycle rental (Kawasaki Versys 650 or Honda CRX 500)

South African Safari

Landscapes, Wildlife, World Class Paved plus Exciting Dirt Roads

Guided tour, includes lodging in private guesthouses, hunting lodges, camping and/or top-rated hotels, and all meals, snacks and drinks

    • Fully supported
    • Wildlife encounters
    • Cultural exchange
    • Gourmet food
    • Finest wines
    • Spectacular scenery
    • Mountains, oceans, deserts and more
    • 50/50 mix of paved and dirt road riding

approx. $5,960 per rider
including motorcycle rental (BMW GS1200, GS800, GS700)

All tours can be customized to suit each group’s preference in terms of numbers of days, types of motorcycles rented and the kind of lodgings provided.

For more specific and additional information, please feel free to contact us at any time:

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