I’m very glad to report that Highway 33, our favorite route into the backcountry, has finally been opened north of Ojai, after having been closed for almost 2 months, due to the Thomas Wildfire.

Matt Brock and I spent last Saturday afternoon stretching the legs of our new bikes and finding out quite a bit more about what they’re really made of…. Matt has a new KTM Adventure 1090 and I now have a nice new Lupine Blue BMW R1200 GS Rallye, having recently been forced to replace my trusty Yellow 2007 1200GS – also courtesy of the aforementioned Thomas fire.

We started off by doing the quick, twisty run out of Ojai, through the Topa Topa mountains and into the Cuyama Valley beyond. On the way, we noticed the Forest Service gate was open to Cherry Creek Canyon… and so down the trail we went! Oh, what a ride!

All I can say is that we were most grateful for the Continental Twinduro TKC knobbly tires and the high-clearance suspension that both our Adventure bikes came out with as standard options.

Two weeks ago, I went on the Friday Club Ride with Mitch and Mark, staying on the pavement, but still managing an interesting ride on the twisty little asphalt roads above Montecito and Santa Barbara… We went as far as where the dirt began on West Camino Cielo, ascertaining that the way was clear for the next Friday Club Ride on the 16th of February. It was a fun ride and a nice mix, with Mitch on his Honda XR 650, Mark on his BMW R1200 RT cruiser, and me tying together the two ends of the spectrum on the BMW R1200 GS.

Ojai Motorcycle Club Friday Ride

Ojai Motorcycle Club Friday Ride

Although I will be in North Carolina for a couple of weeks, the next Friday Club Ride will take place as scheduled on Friday the 16th, with Matt Brock leading the ride on his KTM 1090 Adventure. Wherever he ends up taking the group, he likes to keep in mind everyone’s style of ride, competence, etc. So please RSVP soon, and let us know whether you prefer riding road, off-road or a mix of both.

Ojai Motorcycle Club Friday ride February 2018

motorcycle adventure tours California

And then, a BIG HEADS UP for the March Moto Madness West at Songdog Ranch in the Cuyama Valley March 9-11. This annual event is run by the GS Giants Club and happens to take place at one of our favorite stop-over points for the OMC Guided Adventure Tours. I will most definitely be there to test out all the brand-new camping gear that I will be cramming into the brand-new Mosko Moto Luggage I just acquired. Click here for all the info…

Ojai Motorcycle Club Mosko Moto Luggage

Ojai Motorcycle Club Mosko Moto Luggage

In April, there are two events that I highly recommend, and if at all possible I will be attending both:

First the Taste of Dakar at Gold Point in Nevada, presented by AltRider Accessories from 5-8 April.

And then Adventure Days presented by RawHyde Adventures, official BMW Off-Road Riders Academy in Castaic, just down the road from us, on 12-15 April.

In other news, the Ojai Motorcycle Club is now officially affiliated with the American Motorcyclist Club as a Recreational Event Promoting Club. This means that events we present, such as Rallies, Tours, Expo’s and other Moto gatherings can be now be “sanctioned” by the AMA, thus qualifying our Club for all kinds of valuable support, such as affordable liability insurance and nationwide promotion of our activities, as needed.

Wishing you a safe ride and all the best,

Deon de Wet
President & Guide

PS To make sure you really stay in the loop, you can “Like” our Facebook Page here, as well as join our Ojai MC Facebook Group here, that is focused on sending weekly (or sometimes even more frequent) updates on upcoming events and other interesting Moto and Club related information.

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